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MetaTechnik. Huh? What? Check it . . . Meta-Tech-nik.

Meta means "beyond" in Latin and Technik is technology in German. Are we a German company? Kinda. Do we speak Latin? No. We really like beer though.

Just to make it a little more obscure, we are a music production facility. Yep. We compose and produce original music for TV, Advertising and Film.

Why MetaTechnik? Well, when we opened, 2 of the 3 of us were younger, and all of us a tad green. We still suffered from post college vocabulary words. It was 2000. It made sense to attempt to be "clever". . . at 23.

Now that we are older (and way more cool) we realized, "Wow! That was a weird name to give our music company." But ya know, it IS a weird name. And we are sorta weird. It's orginal. We're sticking with it. It's also fun to say once you get it down. Meta-Tech-nik

Our music is, without question, awesome. We are super talented writers and producers. We got the beats, grooves, hooks, skills and energy to always make what we are working on a billion times better then you imagined. We have earned a reputation for breathing a youthful, fun, creative vibe into all kinds of projects from Jell-O to Jaguar. We help our clients create a unique and specific sound for their individual projects. We get them totally loaded, and occasionally naked.

Need we mention that we have worked on award winning campaigns for MTV? Or that The Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer recorded his projects with us? Or that we beat out all the "famous" music shops in our first year winning a bunch of original Miller Lite jingles? Or, that our music & sound design plays on the jumbotron opening every NY Knicks game in Madison Square Garden? We can tell you that (and more) if you ask.

We work for you until the piece of music we deliver is something everyone believes in. We work until you are totally so psyched you're like, "Ohmigahd! This music is totally so awesome. I rule!"

146 west 19th street, new york, NY 10001 tel (+1) 212.594.4433 email us join_list.jpg go.jpg