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MetaTechnik's Artist Division is bringing the sound of the underground to the advertising community. Representing labels from Europe and the U.K., as well as fresh, undiscovered bands from New York to LA, the division is covering genres from left field electronica to tech trance, progressive house to electro, indie rock to contemporary folk, with hundreds of tracks ranging from contemplative moody grooves, to upbeat inspiration. The division's roster has over 50 composers and producers who perform all over the world, spinning and performing their work as well as other fresh new tracks by fellow label mates alike. MetaTechnik's staple in house composers, Georg Bissen and Victoria Gross, are included on this stellar list, as their single release is steadily climbing the DJ charts throughout Europe.

This exciting catalogue is offering the production world access to new tracks (and original compositions) that have never been available in the United States before, with labels such as Boxer Recordings, Silver Planet and Recover World, agencies now have the ability to apply these untouched, unsaturated, independent genres to their new pieces, new clients, new campaigns. These trendsetting tracks are at the cutting edge of "what's hot", with artists such as international superstar Sander Kleinenberg, rising pop sensation Senadee, minimalist techno DJ Haito (whose track "Perception" was featured in over a dozen Sprint Commercials), and the list goes on.

After half a decade of indistinguishable rock ruling the airwaves, electronic music and true indie rock is reemerging from the underground. While many have jumped on this rock bandwagon, MetaTechnik is offering an alternative sound, the new sound, that will bring together the hottest tracks from Europe and the freshest songs from undiscovered bands to the American advertising culture. Together, the division and the Ad Community can create spots that may potentially transform what the new soundtrack is to progressive creative development. MetaTechnik is proud to announce this division.


Soul In the Machine's website

Soul in the Machine is a live electronic music performance act which presents electronic dance music by combining technology, sculpture and music. Three instrumentalists play on a drumwall, laserharp, marimba and MIDI lever, one-of-a-kind sculptures which have an associated lighting action corresponding to each sound struck or altered. It was founded by three people, but the overall endeavor is so complex that over time it has grown to encompass a much larger team of instrumentalists, singers, performers, dancers, music producers, fabricators and designers.

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